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The Kratom Mitragyna Speciosa "K -hole" Don't get stuck in the hole!

The Kratom K Hole isn't some cozy place that Kratom users go to hide from the evils of daily life; however, a Kratom Abuser can find themselves in the Kratom K- hole very quickly.  The Kratom K- hole is a state of numbness to the active ingredients of Kratom that little or no relief can be found anymore even though the user has good quality product.  It is brought on when users begin taking a higher than recommended dose more frequently than is recommended.   I often hear users bragging about how they took 22 grams of Kratom and man they feel phenomenal! This user is wasting about 17 grams of honest to goodness good Kratom because the body simply can only absorb so much of the desired Alkaloids every so often.  I encounter customers that will allow me to adjust their dosages and rotate in vein colors to match the planned activity level, that are just blown away when I cut their dosage to 1/4 of what they would normally take and feel the relief or energy boost they are hoping for to make it through the next 4-5 hours.  More is not always better, but better is always better.

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