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       Kratom Leaf remains legal in the state of Tennessee

You did it, we did it, every single person in the kratom community that made an email or call to a House Representative or Senate member, shared a Facebook post, told their friends to email/call or literally showed up to speak during the Tennessee testimonies were all an essential piece of achieving this monumental moment in kratom history.

Thank you all.

Kratom wasn’t just removed from the bill, it is now in the bill as 100% legal ✅. This is a huge win for both Tennessee residents and Americans as a whole. It clearly demonstrates what can be accomplished with the right resources, persistence and educational strategies.

Typically, legislation that is already established has a significantly harder time getting reversed compared to the act of incorporating brand new legislation meaning it will be very difficult for Tennessee to change this law.

This now works in our favor.

Once again, a united effort in educating representatives results in kratom remaining legal.

United we stand!

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