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Big Kratom Win For Ohio

Dear Kratom Warriors, At 9:00am this morning more than 200 Ohio Kratom Warriors stood in solidarity behind Johns Hopkins University Adjunct Professor Jack Henningfield, Ph.D., Utah State Senator Curt Bramble, Arizona State Representative Tony Rivero, Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, and AKA’s Senior Fellow on Public Policy C. M. “Mac” Haddow in a press conference calling on the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to withdraw its proposed ban in kratom. Immediately following the press event, the Kratom Warriors stood in long lines to enter and sign in to the Board of Pharmacy Public Hearing to have their voices heard on why kratom should not be banned. Utah Senator Bramble spoke passionately about his personal family experience where a daughter and her husband became ensnared in the opioid crisis, ended up on jail on drug charges, and it led to the overdose death of his son-in-law. Bramble stated his belief that had he and his family had known about kratom, his son-in-law would be alive today. Representative Rivero pointed to the Arizona experience where the Board of Pharmacy initially recommended a ban on kratom, but then withdrew their support for a ban and supported a more rational regulatory plan embodied in the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act that is now law in Arizona, Utah, Georgia, and Nevada. Representative Vernon Jones cited the overwhelming support where the Kratom Consumer Protection Act was passed with near unanimous votes in most of the legislative chambers who acted on that legislation. Mac Haddow presented the powerful arguments on why the FDA’s claims about kratom being dangerously addictive and the cause of 44 deaths were completely wrong, and Jack Henningfield, Ph.D. outlined the scientific evidence showing the FDA was wrong on the science, and wrong on the policy. And most importantly, hundreds of kratom supporters spoke passionately about their experiences and why kratom must remain legal in Ohio. In the end, the voices of the hundreds of kratom advocates were heard loud and clear. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has decided to put the kratom ban in a To Be Refiled (TBR) status and it will not be the subject of a Hearing before the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) on Monday. The kratom issue has been removed from that agenda. The American Kratom Association is proud to have joined the thousands of Ohio residents who raised their voices in this important effort. Congratulations to all involved. Sincerely, American Kratom Association

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