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Kratom and Menstrual Cramps

Post from reddit

I wanted to share how amazing Kratom is for pain and stomach cramps. This morning I woke up at 4:30 AM with stomach cramps knowing it was my time of the month. The pain was tolerable but uncomfortable so I decided to take a hot shower to help settle it down a bit before I started my day, nothing unusual. by 4:45 I was just sitting in the shower when I realized this cycle was not like the others... The pain was so unbearable I couldn't stand up straight since the pain was not only in my lower abdomen but my lower back as well. I blasted the hot water in hopes it would subdue the growing pain with no luck. My husband wakes and notices I'm in the shower already and goes in to check on me only to realize that it was definitely going to be a rough day. He rummages through our medicine cabinet looking for ibuprofen that we had run out of but was able to find some aleve for me. We both knew aleve is slow acting and I wouldn't have any relief soon. As the pain grows worse I start to realize i'd have to leave the shower that was offering me the only small comfort of relief i could get... Then the pain gets worse.. I'm getting dressed with the worse stomach cramps I've ever gotten in my adulthood and i feel myself becoming dizzy from the pain. My husband extremely weary of me going in to work offers everything he can think of.. heating pad, going out to buy pain meds, something warm to drink. (I love this man to death) The pain gets worse and i start bawling seeing no end in sight. Now, I've been taking kratom for about 6 months now and I use it to help my mood and depression and haven't ever had the need to use it for pain relief. I walk into my kitchen sobbing and somehow continue to get myself ready for work starting with making myself some kratom tea first thing like i do every day... ONLY FIVE MINUTES AFTER TAKING IT THE PAIN SUBSIDED! I cannot express how quickly this freakin magical plant worked!!!!!!!!!!! I am still in awe this very minute as i type this. Never in my life has something relieved my pain that was so intense so quickly. IF YOU SUFFER FROM TERRIBLE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS GIVE KRATOM A TRY I BEG YOU! I'm so sorry this post is so long but i had to let other women know how amazing kratom is for cramps. I'm also sorry for typos and other grammatical errors.. it was a rough morning.

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