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Kratom works best as a Tea - Reddit User

I've been making kratom tea for months. Previously, I mixed hot water and powdered leaf, but had stomach issues. For me, all the nausea and constipation came from downing indigestible sludge. With tea I feel great; onset is quick, and it tastes better. It's hard to compete with eating raw powder, but properly prepared tea can be strong. You want a coarse ground or crushed leaf (fine powder is difficult to filter.) Boil water, steep with lemon for 20 minutes, stir occasionally, and filter. A pour-over coffee filter works (slowly), or a french press / bodum. Drink on an empty stomach. For finer powders, cold brew is awesome. I put my daily dose in a mason jar with cold water and lemon, and leave in the fridge for 4 days. Shake it up every day. By day 4 you should have a nice amber liquid with the powder settled at the bottom. 4 or 5 jars in rotation is all you'll need. I can appreciate that for some people tea just isn't strong enough, but if you're struggling through stomach issues I'd urge you to try it out. Post Provided To you by Titan Kratom


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