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Today is judgment day for the whole nation regarding kratom... - Kratom Reddit

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If this San Diego ban passes be sure that other states will ban it...crazy this state just got rid of prohibition acting like a liberal state now they're going full 1920s prohibition style on kratom like weed. What a great state am I right? They give out free needles, free methadone, even have a ballot to legalize shrooms yet kratom is being demonized...maybe if we tax kratom like weed theyll be happy but I'm not paying extra in taxes for kratom so the state can use against us

Update - Great job everyone! The original motion to classify kratom as a public nuisance has been tabled and and will be revisited in 60 days. The board seemed receptive to people’s input and open to considering regulation rather than a ban. Huge thanks to the AKA and everyone who took wrote and spoke.

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