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Where is Kratom legal?

Wondering where is Kratom legal? To avoid any unpleasant situations in the US and when traveling abroad, we want to enlist all the countries, states, counties and cities where it is illegal to cultivate, hold in possession, or sell Kratom. Where is Kratom legal in the US Although the FDA attempted to categorize Kratom as a category 1 substance in 2016 in that way making it illegal in the entire US, more than 60 members of Congress voted to postpone the ban. At the end of the comment period, almost everyone was in favor of Kratom and the FDA’s proposal was rejected. Since the beginning of 2019, there was no legislation which addressed Kratom ban on a Federal Level. Still, the situation in the US can be described as somewhat complicated. Under federal law, Kratom is illegal. By analyzing it at the state level, we notice that its status differs from one state (or even county) to the other. Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin made the cultivation, possession, sale, and use of Kratom illegal. Illinois, North Carolina, and New Hampshire have made Kratom illegal for anyone under the age of 18. The exception is Jerseyville, where Kratom is illegal for everyone. California allows the use of Kratom in the entire state except in San Diego. In Denver, Colorado, Kratom is proclaimed ‘illegal for human consumption’. Florida banned the use of Kratom only in Sarasota County. Mississippi bans the use of Kratom only in Union County. In Tennessee, Kratom ban was lifted in 2017 and is legal to use for consumers who are 21 and older. In New York, as well, you are allowed to use Kratom if you are 21 or older. In all other areas of the US, Kratom is legal and there are no restrictions regarding its cultivation, possession, and use. Furthermore, users are not required to provide a prescription to purchase it. It is also interesting to mention that even in the states and counties where Kratom is legal, it cannot be advertised in any way. The Status of Kratom in Canada Kratom remains on the legal side but several governing bodies feel the situation should change and the use, sale, and possession of Kratom in any form should be controlled or even completely banned. Where is Kratom legal in Central and South America? No specific laws were discovered listing Kratom as an illegal substance in any of Central Latin American and South American countries. Only in Brazil, Kratom is clearly categorized as a substance legal to grow, sell, use, and hold in possession. Where is Kratom legal in Europe? When it comes to Europe, Kratom is legal in the majority of countries but is considered illegal in Denmark, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Sweden (ongoing negotiations are currently conducted in Sweden which indicates that this ban may be lifted). When it comes to the United Kingdom, the country prohibits its import and export since 2016. It is interesting to note that the country differentiates simple possession of Kratom from the possession with the intent to supply, where the first one is legal, and the latter one is not. Kratom is legalized in other European countries. Where is Kratom legal in Asia? Southeast Asia, especially, is known for its strict drug laws which, at this point, include Kratom. In terms of specific countries, bear in mind that: Kratom is illegal in Brunei, Cambodia, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam. Especially in South Korea, people caught in use, possession, sale, or cultivation of the plant will be subject to harsh penalties. Thailand first made Kratom illegal in 1943. However, in 2018, the plant was legalized for medicinal purposes. India legalized the plant and the trees from Kratom family are grown in this country. Note that the trees don’t produce the same plant, just one that has similar properties. China has not yet defined the status of Kratom, except Hong Kong where it is legalized. Kratom Status in Australia and New Zealand In 2005, Kratom was listed as a controlled narcotic in both Australia and New Zealand. The Australian Drug and Poisons Schedule Committee imposed the law which now bans the use, possession, and sale of all Kratom products. However, the plant can be used for research purposes. In New Zealand, Kratom may be obtained with a prescription, but its import and export are illegal. Where is Kratom legal in Africa? Generally speaking, the majority of African countries are not as familiar with Kratom as the rest of the world. Those who have heard of the controversies surrounding the plant in the US simply assume that it is illegal. However, there are no laws restricting the use of Kratom. In fact, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority has not disapproved the use of Kratom and it can be purchased freely from any vendor who sells it locally or internationally. It is also important to note that it is not listed as a controlled substance by South African Drugs and Trafficking Act of 1992. Bottom Line The goal for the future is to invest in further scientific discovery which will fill the gaps in knowledge and provide more proof of Kratom’s advantages which will encourage authorities to consider lifting the bans.

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